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Rewriting the pages of any classic medieval fairy tale, Pitchfork Kingdom puts the responsibility to save the kingdom in the hands of a peasant. You’ll experience nostalgic moments of excitement and wonder as you journey forth through mystical landscapes on your quest of epic deeds. Delve deeper into Pitchfork Kingdom and you will find new and unique challenges that add an exciting twist to this otherwise humble and familiar fantasy kingdom.

At its core, this is a fast-paced, action-packed side scroller that is easy to pick up. Pitchfork Kingdom aims to bring feelings of joy and humor as it creates a lasting connection between you and all you meet in its fabled world. Bandits, monsters, and magical evil forces will attempt to stop you from completing your quest and achieving the happy ending. Through simple yet deep mechanics, and a ton of fighting, you will adventure across the countryside, mountains, swamps, and caves as you acquire new abilities, better weapons, and wealth. All the experience you gain will be put to the test with every new boss and mob that you fight. Whether by sword, bow, magic, or pitchfork, the path of character development you choose will be pit against the ultimate force of evil. The fate of the Kingdom is in your unlikely hands.

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