"Project Peasant Knights" becomes "Pitchfork Kingdom"

Pleased to announce we have finally settled on a name for our Action-Platformer formerly known as "Project Peasant Knights"

Enter Pitchfork Kingdom

As a peasant, you journey through caves, forests, fields, and mountains on your adventure to save the Kingdom from its perils.

Improvement on the last build

  • Enhanced UI and HUD
  • Additional levels 
  • Improved sound effects
  • Improved visual effects
  • Crouch or "Duck" mechanic
  • Simple Dialogue system with NPC's
  • More Hazards to look out for


  • RESPAWN on death with different equipment

On the Horizon

  • Local Cooperative play
  • Player Leveling System
  • More Skills
  • New Class
  • More Weapons and Equipment
  • More Levels!